Technology is great and has advanced society in leaps and bounds in many areas.  However today we seem to have a propensity to immediately embrace technology, just because.  We fail to understand how that technology fits into our values system and our company culture.  How it will truly move us and our business forward beyond the obvious ROI.

What would it look like if we made technology fit our value system – which drives our Corporate Culture – instead of us fitting into the technology?  We are beginning to see more and more businesses revisit how technology is being used – from the recent Yahoo! announcement on pulling back telecommuting to companies like Klick Health getting rid of e-mail.

The Yahoo! Decision, announced earlier this month by the Internet giant, created a backlash among some workers and intensified debate over flexible rules in the workplace.  The move by Klick Health, a Toronto-based digital marketing agency, reflected the CEO’s belief that e-mail is not an effective communication tool.

When you have dozens upon dozens of emails in your inbox on the same issue because we have now adopted e-mail as the tool of choice to collaborate on a solution, we likely have lost sight of what’s important to us and the business (values and culture).

Technology is great because it allows us to connect with someone instantly, however we have taken it beyond the limits of cultural responsibility.  Time is wasted daily on e-mail – not only reading and replying but the stress it creates is also a productivity killer.

E-mail is only one of many technology tools; let’s not forget all the social media tools that are being embraced without real congruency to a company’s values and culture.  I hear it repeatedly businesses jump on social media and then wonder why they are spending so much time without any real return.  It sounds like the technology has suddenly taken the driver’s seat.

Are you being driven or are you in the driver’s seat?  Have you actually taken a step back and looked at your business (and for that matter your personal life) to see how all the technologies being used are in fact contributing to the success of your business goals?

If no, maybe it’s time to do so.

Consider revisiting your company culture, and if you do not have a business culture you may want to consider developing one for your company first.  That culture should be supported by key values that you are important to you but also your team.

Staff is the foundation that supports you and your business driving forward.  Once you have your culture defined and in place you begin to align your processes and your tools, such as technology.  The technology should enable you to achieve things like work-life balance, improved customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability to name a few.  It should help, not hinder.

Visionary companies that succeed are guided by their core values.  These values create a sense of purpose beyond making money; in fact they guide and inspire everyone throughout the organization.

Joe Pampena

Master NLP Coach-Practitioner