What is Business/Executive Coaching?

  • Business Coaching is a unique process which is vastly different than that of a consultant who typically addresses and focuses on a particular problem with the intention of solving that one problem. Business Coaching is a targeted and customized method to improve performance and personal effectiveness.   It is a collaborative process with a focus on goal setting, performance improvement, communications and allowing one to reach one’s full potential. The spotlight is to create and develop leadership skills. Business Coach works with clients to grow their own natural abilities and build on their current areas of opportunities.
  • The process relies on a partnership between an executive, manager or employee and a certified Coach. Business Coaching is a collaborative process between a certified  coach and a client that is based on mutually set rules, time frames, and objectives.
  • Many successful business leaders, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs have been known to hire a coach to take their businesses and personal lives to the next level of potential.


Business Coaching Process 

  • Setup an initial consultation (no obligation, no charge).  This will create an opportunity so that we may better know each other.  It is important that I am the right coach for you and that you are the right client for me.  During the initial meeting we will explore what you believe to be your business needs.
  • Based on your business specific needs a customized solution package will be recommended and discussed with you prior to any engagement
  • Once agreement to proceed we will determine based on your business requirements the best time to work with your and/or your team.  The idea would to be the least disruptive to your operations
  • Based on your customized solution it could require any individual or combined solutions such as; Executive Coaching, one on one individual employee coaching, team coaching, a series of workshops and facilitation.
  • Coaching is conducted in an environment that best suits the individuals needs, we try to minimize the travel time for the individual
  • Team coaching, workshops must be face to face, individual coaching sessions can be face to face, via telephone or Skype