Dear Joe, I wanted express my sincere thanks for your work with the staff of the Mississauga Board of Trade.

Our team of 10 have known and worked together for a number of years and we are privileged to have cohesive working relationships and an excellent office environment. Like many other organizations motivated to grow in and increasingly competitive environment, the demands on our staff and strain on team dynamics have increased. We were truly surprised at the immediate improvement in communications and understanding that came out of your Communications and Leadership Assessment session with our team.

All were very appreciative and have a clear understanding of different styles of leadership and modes of communication, and are able to translate that knowledge into a portfolio of tools to improve each owns leadership and interpersonal skills.

Many thanks once again for you contributions to enhancing our team dynamics, and by extension our organization.

Sheldon Leiba, President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade
It was my pleasure to work with Joe Pampena recently as part of the Peer Mentoring initiative at the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce. Joe acted as facilitator for the 8 month program which focused on bringing business owners together to discuss and solve common business related issues.

Throughout our sessions Joe was a pleasure to work with. He kept our team on track and focused on the issue at hand, and his insights and suggestions were invaluable. Joe’s tact and professionalism in keeping members accountable was appreciated and necessary to ensure the program was successful. I thoroughly enjoyed the Peer Mentorship program and Joe Pampena was a big reason for that.

Dr. Eric Vandergugten, Maple Health Care and Rehab
I recently attended my first Peer Learning Session seminar, “Searching for Business Excellence – Language of Leadership” hosted by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce and facilitated by Joe Pampena of Coaching-4-Change.

In a short space of time, Joe was able to condense and effectively present complex material (i.e., NLP Communications Model) through interactive presentation methods and by citing practical day-to-day business scenarios. We all had fun and he made it very easy to absorb the material.

Overall, exceptional value and excellent and actionable material with a knowledgeable and engaging presenter – Great methods and templates that can be used immediately in one’s day-to-day communications with clients, colleagues and business partners! I look forward to attending these not-to-be-missed Fall Sessions!

Nancy Benetton, Chief Executive Officer, Camera Works International
To succeed in business or in life, you need a coach who understands where you are at now, where you want to be in the future and has the skill sets to get you there. Joe motivates me to succeed in ways that I never imagined until now. Have you ever had two parts inside of you that are at war? I did! And this conflict was sabotaging my success.
Joe’s masterful guidance has fused these parts into the oneness of purpose – to succeed in all areas of my life – and especially my business. Joe comes from a corporate background and has the heart of a Business Lion. He gets to the heart of where it matters, for you. If you want to Roar in business, as I know that you do, have the accolades of a job well done and see the fruits of your labours, then Joe is the coach for you!
Dr. Robert L. Gatis B.Sc., N.D. Naturopathic Physician
Coaching sessions with Joe Pampena have increased my passion and drive to “push” myself to achieve my goals. He is very skilled in “clearly” presenting all the tools that an individual needs to be successful. At the same time he is consistent and clear on his delivery message directing me that “nothing” will be accomplished if I don’t put in and do the work myself. At times he may not tell me exactly what I want to hear. However, this is the great thing about his coaching style, he tells me what I need to hear so that I can “act”. Coaching sessions with Joe has given me more clarity on my short and long term professional goals. Not to mention more drive to pursue my personal goals as well.
The coaching direction that Joe Pampena provides result in winning outcomes. When I first started my sessions with Joe back in early 2009, I was in a job that was not rewarding. Not to mention, I was also in a no win relationship with a woman who was in another city and province. I can confidently say today that I am in a Managerial assignment that is rewarding in every sense of the word. Also, I was able to end that relationship that was going nowhere. All of these actions wouldn’t have been achieved without my coaching sessions with Mr. Joe Pampena. Give him an assignment with your organization, his work will speak volumes for itself!

Mr. Roy J Bailey Motivational Speaker, MC, Moderator, COG-TESL Coach, Trainer, Poet, Actor, Singer, Author
I highly recommend Joe Pampena in his new role of C4C…his company may be new, however Joe has been in the business of coaching people for many years now. Over the past 15 years of working with Joe, I have had many “coaching sessions” with Joe. With his objective views and ability to get to the source of ones personal attributes and abilities he has assisted me in feeling more confident in making the choices required to help me be more successful and happy in my personal and business life. I look forward to future our sessions!
Shari Sacco, franchise owner, Budget Blinds
Generosity and willingness to help out with my career development were immensely shown by his provisions of leadership, mentoring and guidance which were displayed well beyond expectations. Joe has the ability to encourage in order to excel at the same time showing great respect. His immense experience allows him to provide clear and concise directives/instructions, thus giving me the motivation to succeed. I’m truly grateful to have had the good fortune to have Joe as my Leader!
Nat Buccieri, Retired Bell Manager and Mother
As a recent graduate and inserted into the work force, I was very privileged to have Joe as my Coach-Mentor. His positive thinking and enthusiasm has provided me with excellent communication skills and has helped me improve and gain many skills. He listens and values everyone’s ideas and opinions. He gives 100% of his attention and always aims towards leading in the right direction. Overall he is an excellent Mentor!
Lidia Buccieri, Associate, Mobileyes Solutions Inc.
Joe is a master at asking the right questions to get you thinking! His coaching helped me focus on my business, determine what was important, and put it into a cohesive business plan to take my business to the next level. His experience in coaching and business is evident in his professionalism. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for clarity, motivation, and results!
Brenda LaRose, Principal, LaRose Consulting