Personal Coaching Solutions Focus:

  • Career – Focused on helping clients advance in their career and/or transition to a new/better career health
  • Professional & Work – Focused on helping clients perform and execute better at work
  • Health and Wellness – Focused on developing healthy lifestyle habits and taking better care of themselves,weight gain, improve health and immunity, fitness, stress
  • Relationships – Focused on improving communication, conflict and other important relationship skills
  • Work/Life Balance – Focused on establishing healthy boundaries between work and personal life and making time for all important life areas
  • Second Career – Focused on helping individuals decide on a career life change
  • Achieving Peak Performance – Focused on helping clients develop the skills, mindsets and strategies they need to succeed and achieve their goals
  • Retirement – Focused on helping clients determine when the right time to retire, take a package or not, early retirement or not. What does retirement actually look like?
  • Youth – Focused on helping young adults determine school career paths, release of negative emotions impacting personal growth