Before one can focus on their 2016 Goal’s they must first reflect on the year past and apply the learning’s to their 2016 Goals.
Looking back at the past 12 months, what do you see?
How did 2015 work for you?
How successful were you in completing your 2015 Goals?
In most situations we typically reflect on what went wrong vs. what went right. Begin the reflection journey by writing down all the positive (no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is) things that you can recall from the past 12 months. Simply start to write as the positive thoughts come to mind. Avoid time stamping this activity, in other words take a few hours or a few days to capture as many as you can.
Once completed reflect on the things that were less positive (keeping these separate from the positive list).


  1. After reviewing both your positive and less positive list, consider who (including yourself) you wish to acknowledge.
  2. For yourself write down what you are acknowledging y? If you wish to acknowledge others then do so, preferably with a live conversation. If that is not possible use email, social media or the vehicle that you know you will connect with the person being acknowledged.

Analysis of 2015

  1. Looking at your less than positive list what learning’s do you wish to take away? Make note of these for future reference.
    Begin to think of how you can turn these less positive items into positive success items for 2016. If applicable, meaning that they will apply to your 2016 Goals. If not simply make note and place aside so that from time to time you can review them to ensure you avoid and repetition.
    If there any items that you need to let go of, now is the time to reflect on how you will do so. To dwell on them serves no purpose. If you can’t answer the question “What purpose does “x” serve me?” Or “How does “x” help me?” then a good bet to simply drop it.
  2. Now look at the positive list, what stands out the most that you would like to replicate when defining your 2016 Goals. Make note of those standout items. The other items put them in the same pile as the less positive and review them from time to time.

Closing 2015
The best way to get closure on 2015 is to sum up your year by giving it a name (could be a single word or phrase). Look at all the positive and less positive, what was the main theme. Now thinking of a positive name what would you call 2015 for yourself? What name would you share with others if they asked what was 2015 for you? The name will also be used as a Trigger for you when you feel that things are not progressing for you in 2016.

Stay tuned for “How to set your 2016 Goals for Success”

Joe Pampena,MNLP, MTLT, MCYF, MCHt, ATC 

Business Owner C4C Coaching-4-Change