Coaching 4 Change

With the help of Coaching and Mentoring from Joe Pampena you can recapture the dreams, overcome your inner critic and all obstacles that have been placed in your path.

Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.



Joe is a master at asking the right questions to get you thinking! His coaching helped me focus on my business, determine what was important, and put it into a cohesive business plan to take my business to the next level. His experience in coaching and business is evident in his professionalism. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for clarity, motivation, and results!

Brenda LaRose, Principal, La Rose Consulting

As a recent graduate and inserted into the work force, I was very privileged to have Joe as my Coach-Mentor. His positive thinking and enthusiasm has provided me with excellent communication skills and has helped me improve and gain many skills. He listens and values everyone’s ideas and opinions. He gives 100% of his attention and always aims towards leading in the right direction. Overall he is an excellent Mentor!

Lidia Buccieri, Associate , Mobileeyes Solutions Inc

Generosity and willingness to help out with my career development were immensely shown by his provisions of leadership, mentoring and guidance which were displayed well beyond expectations. Joe has the ability to encourage in order to excel at the same time showing great respect. His immense experience allows him to provide clear and concise directives/instructions, thus giving me the motivation to succeed. I’m truly grateful to have had the good fortune to have Joe as my Leader!

Nat Buccieri, Retired Bell Manager and Mother,